Why Us?

We’re not your typical legal team. We practice what we preach and have compassion for what we do. We focus on the fine print, so you can focus on the things that are fundamentally human. After all, life is a series of milestones that requires ingenuity and hurdling to achieve. Along the way, there are those who make it easier, make it smoother and make it a reality. You’ve done all the hard work of discovering the path; we’re here to help you close the deal and cross the finish line.  – Jean L. Chou, Managing Attorney

We Love Our Clients

“Jean is fantastic. Although I’m an attorney myself, the legal and technical intricacies of NYC real estate law were new to me – Jean, from the outset to finish, explained the entire process to me and meticulously went through each provision in each legal document put in front of me.  She would foresee and preempt issues before they came up during the negotiation process.  Since I have a busy day job, I very much appreciated that Jean would send me status updates and reminders so the closing didn’t fall behind schedule.  Most importantly, she was always pleasant and cheerful, which made this arduous process much more tolerable. I was so glad to be done with closing, but sad to end the working relationship with Jean!” (read more)

- Juelle G., a real estate client March 14, 2016

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